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We are very excited to announce the performers of the in Dreaming

in order of appearance…

Luke and Molly
Friday 7pm-9pm

Luke and Molly
Web Site

When painting alone, an artist can think ahead and plan what to do next. When painting with a partner, as Luke Armstrong and Molly Nicklin do, the process becomes spontaneous, instinctive, and almost subconscious. Luke and Molly rarely talk while painting together. Instead, they react to one another’s brush strokes, having a dream-like conversation on the canvas. While their finished compositions are compelling, the real beauty is in the collaborative process, which can be witnessed in their live painting performances.

Both artists have Bachelor of Arts degrees in Studio Art, and have performed and exhibited together at The Omaha Magic Theatre, The Nomad Lounge, The Blue Flamingo, UNO and Buena Vista University.

Friday 9:30pm- after the Art Poker Run pulls in

Web Site

A true definition of a power trio is what comes to mind when introduced to TenDead; a band formed to express and release all the emotions that have been smashed upon them. Loud low guitars, tight groove oriented rhythms and a raw yet pure representation of hard music is what transpires from this Omaha, NE based band. TenDead seems to evoke all the pain and weight of life with a low thundering sound that will seep into your soul.

Samurai of Spoken Word
Saturday 5:30pm

Samurai of Spoken Word
Web Site

They are the Samurai of the Spoken Word, telling stories, reading works of literature, talking about smut, and generally misbehaving for a good cause. Catch us monthly at the Pizza Shoppe Collective and other venues all around town. Bring some bucks to drop in the bucket that goes to a charity each show.

They will make you laugh, cry, and they may not shut up.

Michael Wunder
Saturday 7:30pm opening for the Reverie Fashion Show

Michael Wunder
Web Site

Born and raised in Omaha, Michael has been working on his songwriting since high school. He likes to fingerpick and sing. Usually at the same time.

He started playing in 2007, hosting open mic nights at the now-extinct Foundry in Benson, then moving to Barley Street Tavern, playing Songwriter Showcases alongside Adam Hawkins, Dylan Davis, and other Omaha songwriters.

Other than that, he’s a relatively quiet guy.

His songs are good. Check him out sometime.

dj Tres of Lowercase sounds
Saturday 9:00pm the dreamscape After party

DJ Tres and le cube of lowercase sounds
Web Site

“Tres is a rare breed, dedicated, passionate and approaches music with a energy that has taken him far. Through LowerCaseSounds he’s touched thousands, if not millions of music lovers, engaged them and built them into a community. As a DJ and friend of Tres’, as well as sometimes a contributor to LCS I know first hand how he’s turned what started out as a little spark of an idea into a global brand name, known for quality music and great people – a true reflection of the man.”
- Richie Hartness, Founder & Label Owner, untitledmusic

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